Award moments of creativity using the iconic Emirates in Jordan

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The company announced the moomins photo invite for the launch of the prize moments of creativity “MI Awards” event is the regional Premier who needs innovations achieved by companies, institutions and individuals made the experience unique and effective to the audience. The face of the company momentive photo even the creators of individuals, institutions and companies in the United Arab Emirates invited to participate in the event which is hosted by the Jordanian capital Amman on 21 April next to honor the winners of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan and the Middle East.

And the award categories to honor the thinking in product innovation both in integrated solutions, or promotions, or product technology, and promote the spirit of creativity and competitiveness in enterprises, thus improving the productivity development and in providing better services to the community and the business world.

Participation is open to all private sector companies and public sector organizations, along with influential in several areas until 30 March next, people wishing to participate can visit the website of the prize and submission of applications to participate, all in accordance with the category to which it belongs.

And the goal of launching the award said Ayman Bani irsheid, Chief Executive Officer of “moomins Closet invite”: “we aim through this award to honor the creators and motivate them to continue working in the region, and highlight their work to inspire others. And because the UAE in the list of the best countries the world in terms of creativity, we expect the participation of more companies and institutions in the award of the moments of creativity and 2018, they provide participants the opportunity to view the creations in front of an audience and the exchange of ideas and development, through networking among them and inspiration from the experiences of each other”.

He added his: “will recovery the award of all creations, most notably those that differ in the magazines, services, products and technical solutions that have brought about positive change in the service sectors and community and in the world of business and Finance, and also those that have contributed to or help support SMEs, and contribute to advancing sustainable economic growth”.

Concluded the CEO, “momentive Closet invite”: “include “MI Awards” more than 26 awards are divided into two categories, category companies, category influencers, where they will be revealing the winners during an official ceremony to distribute the awards “MI Awards” 2018″, and the winners will receive their awards at the solemn ceremony, in the presence of over 500 guests from the senior executives and decision makers in major companies in the Middle East, as well as dozens of media representatives and influencers from different fields”.

Category companies

The awards will be presented in the category of companies that includes the following categories:

Category retail, digital, it and its prizes are: best campaign of the creativity of fashion online, the best campaign innovation for download on the Internet, the best campaign is the creativity of electronics on the internet.

The category of outstanding achievement in news sites, creativity, media and advertising in special prizes are: best news sites on the internet, best TV stations to digital, the best campaigns, creative digital, the best publisher of digital creative.

The financial services category, the verse is: the best innovation in product development, the best innovation in customer loyalty, best innovation in banking by mobile phone and via the Internet, the best innovation in payments through mobile phone.

In the category of communications Awards: Best innovation in service companies, the best innovation in consumer services. In addition to the category of “Technology of achievement”, which includes the appreciation prize of technological solutions and creative ideas that push towards change, the category of creativity in government services, the category of innovation in social impact in companies.

Award influential

Offer a prize for influencers who are a positive change in the development and prosperity of the business communities, and contribute in supporting and improving the lives of the community, focusing their efforts in four key areas: communication, confusion, creativity and impact. And category influencers awards of appreciation in the following areas: fashion, beauty, cosmetic, music, sports, culture, tourism, communities and pharmacies, health care, and technology.

Will the arbitration process and determine the winners by a group of qualified experts, with long experience from multiple disciplines are involved from different countries. Winners will be selected from each category based on the points they get in front of the jury, will assess all entries by the jury under the standards of creativity that include better use of and to obtain, and technology, and quality in development. Will measure the impact of creative on comprehensive work for business and the candidate, and achieve the goals and desired results.

Participants will focus on the other factors will be taken into account in the process of arbitration which is the accuracy of the description of the goals that drove the development of this campaign or initiative, the methods and strategy used in the application, and show the results of the work, and how to achieve goals successfully, as well as for any information or links to assist attorneys in the evaluation of candidates.

You can visit the official website of the award from here.


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Award moments of creativity using the iconic Emirates in Jordan

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