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Eleven years ago, hotel Apple awards for photography using camera iPhone every year. On 18 July 2018 has been announced for the photography awards. The fact is that those images reflect the beauty and versatility of the imaging camera for iphone the details of the pictorial, artistic, wonderful.

الفائزون بجائزة التصوير الفوتوغرافي بكاميرا الآي-فون لعام 2018

This year, thousands of those competition from more than 140 countries around the world. Photographers can submit a photo in the 18 area, including news, current events, landscapes and natural and. Winners were chosen in ranked first, second and third for each area, in addition to the awards presenter for Best photographer of the year in addition to the announcement of best picture.

Posted Tim Cook’s tweet on his account said.

“Congratulations to the winners this year. You can take a look at the best images captured with a camera iPhone, from all over the world through this site. Or by marking the shotoniPhone# “.

It was between the Egyptians and the winners of those awards photographers Arab from Oman, Iraq, Lebanon and Syria.

You can click on any image to open a full dose

Got the first prize and earned the title of “photographer of the year” is Jasmine the safety of Bangladesh in the camp the children of our brothers the Muslims alone of Genocide. The image shows a large number of children they watched wonderment the content of what “might entertain”. Photo taken by the iPhone 7.

The winner of the second place is from Switzerland called Alexandre Weber (for third place, but Apple called it the first place because the former factory “safety” was awarded the title photographer of the year and the grand prize which is arranged to miss the first place in the rating of the Apple”. The image is called the Baiana which is taken in Brazil

Won Huapeng Zhao in the eye to eye or Eye to eye and take the picture again-the iPhone 6

The second decoder of the share Zarni Myo Win to his image “I want to play” which is picked up by the iPhone 7 ABS.

It is Oman won the victory screen outside of Oman in second place in the classification of architectural photography “for my” images of the Burj Khalifa, where she said: ‘I took this picture at about 6:48 from the window of my hotel while I was getting ready to go to work.’ This photograph again-the iPhone 6.

Also won the Mohammed Badr of Syria in his “breakfast among the ruins.” say about his image: ‘during the quiet period during the bombings meet the Syrians are sitting on a long row consisting of 1200 meters between the ruins of the DOM for breakfast in the month of Ramadan’. Picked up the picture again-the iPhone 7.

You can visit this site for more wonderful pictures.

Any of those sound like it? And are you of photography enthusiasts iDevice iPhone? Tell us in the comments.


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