Aweber allows payment for its services via service Venmo

أوبر تتيح الدفع لخدماتها عبر خدمة Venmo

Think the option to pay for transportation via PayPal part of payment options existing in the uber app, especially since it is the payment system months in the world, electronic payment systems, but uber decided to develop it to include service pay other Venmo.

Service Venmo is a service owned by PayPal, where was acquired by PayPal in 2013 to take advantage of payment solutions safe provided by the service differently from its system.

As with PayPal, the user will be able to pay via the uber app itself by adding its own data to the account, but just in case wanted to share the price of transportation with his friends then you should talk directly to the application Venmo.

Recall that the payment service will be available through the application of my Uber وUber Eats own deliver the food, and be there code image the bottom of the payment processes to enable the user to watch it in case he wanted it.

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