AWeber is add a new feature to focus eating meals in restaurants

After the high proportion of users, AWeber is decides to add the feature Dine-In, which allows booking in restaurants and eat meals there.

أوبر إيتس تضيف ميزة جديدة للحجز وتناول الوجبات في المطاعمAWeber is add a new feature to focus and eat meals in restaurants

Uber started and through the service Uber is providing a new service to users in relation to food allows booking in restaurants and eat meals there, which means that the user can book any table and pay for his meal and then he can eat it immediately upon arrival to the office, according to the website TechCrunch.

The move is considered a great addition to the service, especially since they will enable users to choose a lot of time and effort to book a table in their restaurants, as well as not to face the risk of the entry into force of the reservation in peak hours, and at the same time saving them the fee for meals and other services at the request of the food.

The advantage of AWeber is it allows users to book a table directly, and thus do not need to pay anything except for the meals they eat.

On the other hand, this feature will be useful for restaurants that don’t offer delivery services and aim in the presence of customers in the same place.

It is indicated that the water currently available in several cities in the United States only within specific restaurants, but expected to expand soon.

And the option of booking and eating meals in restaurants next to the delivery option, and choose the desired restaurant or near and then browse a list of food that it offers and book the request, and may also at the same time determine the time at which the user wants to eat his meal, or choose the option “as soon as possible” in case he was on his way to the office and eat the meal with all speed.

During booking, the app will also take the period of the preparation of food, the distance from the restaurant, price per meal, and the restaurant, and will send an alert when you’re finished preparing the meal and equip the office.

Still under test

Although AWeber it did not disclose the new feature publicly, but the company confirmed to TechCrunch.

It can be said that Uber will change the shape of the bookings in this area, especially since the other delivery services going to the streets to follow to enter the field.



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