AWeber is approaching from the acquisition of the cream in a deal worth$ 2.5 million

أوبر تقترب من الاستحواذ على كريم في صفقة تصل 2.5$ مليار

Entered the company, the participation of well-known car Uber is in talks to final with their counterparts in the Middle East, cream, acquire them in a huge deal ranging from$ 2 to$ 2.5 million, according to private sources the location of Bloomberg ‘s famous and competent in such matters.

The site may occur before two months from the beginning of the talks between the two companies to merge their operations in the Middle East but didn’t know any of the two companies on it, only the limits of one of the officials with dignity on the line to expand operations in the Middle East.

According to the site, the sources knowledgeable on this command which refused to disclose itself due to the privacy of the talks and the big picture, she said that the management of the cream began to convince the holders of shares of the company and investors agree on a new deal.

He was a spokesman for Uber has refused to talk about any information about it, while I went to cream talking about the exploitation of opportunities for trade, said in an email sent to the site they since its inception, received many offers from major investors, but the company’s ambition is centered on building a foundation technology for a long time in the region.

Recall, that Uber took advantage of most of its operations in the regions of the world, having sold its investment in China to Didi, and then sold its share in Russia to Yandex, and then sold its operations in South East Asia to buy Grab. But it’s the first time that insists on the acquisition of the operations of another company in one of the areas away from the United States.

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