Aweber launches new features to its application to facilitate communication between drivers and passengers

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أوبر تطلق ميزات جديدة بتطبيقها لتسهيل التواصل بين السائقين والركاب

The company announced the uber – Uber for the participatory approach put forward by a new set of features designed to enhance communication between drivers and passengers, and facilitate the difficulties facing drivers and passengers during the capture process.

Could face a passenger a lot of problems after clicking on the button to request a trip in the uber app, especially in crowded places or times night. In this regard, the company said uber: “it’s constantly looking for new ways to overcome these problems which lead to reduce the number of trips and a lot of times is eliminated -a procedure that leads to what you call the uber show wasted wasted supply – so we’ve built new features we hope will help both drivers and passengers”.

Ryan said day Product Manager for aweber to the experiences of the passengers: “when the late driver of the passenger access to the specified location for any reason, happens to both of us nervous because they do not know what you should be looking for necessarily, all you have is their address and their availability, so it should search in to simplify this process further.”

The first tool allows spot light Spotlight:

This feature will enable the passengers from lighting the screen of their smartphone with a color-specific custom driver will receive a driver message in the allotted so that you can carry your phone in the air during congestion in order to enable the driver to see you, and difficult to place without wasting time.

Will add the feature Spotlight to the other tools related to the driver such as his name and his car’s license plate number, and will be of importance usually when you ask a new journey of aweber in a crowded place like the places that have a sporting event or a concert that leads to difficulty in the process of finding the driver to the customer, so the solution with feature spot light.

This is not the first resort of the police to use colors to improve the experience of the workers, in late 2016 revealed uber unveiled the first tool does not allow the Beacon is a piece of plastic Bluetooth on the shape of the logo of uber drivers can comment on one side of the glass front of their own, and using the uber app was can the passenger choose any color illuminated by the Beacon, which helps him to easily find the driver amid a sea of Cars.

This was an interesting move as it required the company to spend money on the manufacture of the Beacons , and then distributed to the drivers, but the company says it’s still committed to tool if it has your driver Beacon will be a priority on the feature to Spotlight New, as you say uber starting this week became the Beacons available in 14 cities.

The second tool to book trips in advance:

You can now through the uber app scheduling your trip the next book the flights before 30 days in advance, in the case of non-arrival of the driver at the time, it will give you the balance of aweber as compensation you can use it on your next trip.

It is worth noting that uber has resisted for years added the option to schedule trips in advance, on the grounds that they will the goal of having the service of a summons upon request, but it finally worked out. Is likely to be the target of this tool is to enhance the reputation of the company aweber as a service to a trusted car for long trips such as trips to the airport or something.

The second tool messages pickup Pickup Messages:

Is a new tool to give the passenger the possibility to send a message to the driver download additional details to facilitate access to it, such as “I’m wearing a red jacket”, or “I’m standing in the corner”, while read app messages out loud, drivers can simply tap to respond, I’ve been the design of the messages Receipt to encourage safe driving and not to distract the attention of drivers.

Join all of these improvements to the current features that let you modify the pickup location and share your location in real-time so that your driver know where you are.

It also works aweber to improve the points of convergence through innovative tools and new software to fix the problem of precision in GPS positioning system in the big cities. Is currently being tested and that the project known as shadow maps Shadow Maps, in dozens of cities in North America, is also starting to integrate with the application to operate.

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