AWeber takes the company to deliver vegetables and fruits

AWeber takes the company to deliver vegetables and fruits

Announced the (Uber) Uber beautiful day of its acquisition (Cornershop) Cornershop, a company specializing in the shipping of vegetables and fruits, in order to strengthen its presence in the field of food delivery.

The company (the corners) has started its activity in some Latin American markets, then moved to Canada, working in countries such as: Chile, Mexico, and in Peru, and the city of Toronto Canada.

She said Uber – American company specialized in the services of the ride – in a statement on her blog: it’s reached an agreement to buy a majority stake in the (corners). Expected completion of the transaction to the beginning of 2020, subject to the approval of the regulatory authorities.

Founded a company (corners) in 2015, which is taken from the Chile-based. Under the deal the company will continue to work under the management of its founder three: (Oscar herons), and(Daniel ones), and(Juan Pablo), who will inform the board of directors – posed AWeber majority of the in – business of the company.

Recall that it was supposed to take chain stores (Walmart) Walmart U.S. (corners) as estimated at 225 million dollars American, but the deal collapsed in the end in the month of June last, when tired bodies tasked with the prevention and the fight against fraud in Mexican of the to be completed.

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However, still (Walmart) level in working with (corners) expanded its service offerings to Toronto Canada. And AWeber has chosen previously connected vegetables and fruits, including in cooperation with chain stores (Walmart). Said CEO of AWeber (Dar Khosravi me): the delivery of fruits and vegetables “is a natural place for the company to expand its business in the light of the success of the (Uber is) Uber Eats”.

It should be noted that the transaction is subject to regulatory approvals, so it could collapse as he collapsed with a (Walmart). However, the Uber doesn’t hide its intentions in the field of shipping vegetables and fruits, so the intake should endeavour to complete it.

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