AWeber used to demobilize its staff and about 350 staff within the sections of the company’s various

The company Uber is laying off more staff within the company’s departments different with the new batch included approximately 350 employees.

أوبر تستمر بتسريح موظفيها وتتخلي عن 350 موظفًا ضمن أقسام الشركة المختلفةAWeber used to demobilize its staff and about 350 staff within the police departments of various

The company announced the Uber exploitation of a new set of staff, their number reached 350 employees, the company says it is the third and final group of names to be demobilized in the process of restructuring and exploitation of employees that play a while ago due to its loss of continuing, where the menu included this time staff from different sections of the company.

Included sections Department of food delivery service, it, Marketing, Digital and performance improvement, Department of advanced technologies, in addition to the Department of employment.

This list includes approximately 1% to the company’s employees around the world according to the spokesperson, but this time it affected all the sections.

The process of exploitation of New after about a month only from the exploitation of 435 employees of the Department of engineering and product development at AWeber, as it comes after almost three months of layoffs of 400 employees from the marketing department in the company facing difficulties in making profits for a long time.

It was Uber have decided to merge their main application with the application of a food delivery service is in our plan to restructure the company to improve conditions.

As the launch of the application of the employment and about after Uber Works in an attempt to enter a new market in the hope of achieving the income again.



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