AWeber will do the expense of the passenger when the dip assessment

Announced that transport service of the participatory AWeber announced its intention to deactivate the account of customers of the passengers at a reduced their assessment on the average.

Throughout the years, drivers who receive ratings less than average suffering from deactivate their account and their ability to re-use the service and connect more passengers.

A lot of passengers don’t know that the drivers are evaluated! Thus with a low rate of guest passenger under the middle, he can’t use the app again. Aim AWeber from this procedure – add the employment – to improve the level of safety and security during flight. For example, a passenger who leaves crap in the car, or ask the driver driving faster than the limits, you should be assessed at a low rate by the driver and thus with the repetition of this malpractice falling assessment of the general and his Uber use the app.

It is worth mentioning that the system of assessments in Uber gives the number Average is always the parties, nor can any driver to know the evaluation of a certain passenger does not, and vice versa is not possible for any rider to know the evaluation of a certain driver for it.

Has already leaked levels revealed that the rate of 4.6 is the boundary that must not exceed the assessment the driver did not even face a cancellation of activation, and these leaks unspoken and informal.

And AWeber has provided two years ago feature allows drivers to leave a additional comment about the behavior of the passenger during the flight, and offered a range of options to choose from, and if I get the same passenger on the same comment twice in a month it will not give special notice within the application to inform him.

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