“Ay-DA”.. a painter Robot A to color their art and invites audience discussion

“Ay-DA”.. a painter Robot A to color their art and invites the audience to discuss! He made scientists a robot painter named “i-da”, they say it’s going to be able to attract people, because of their ability to drawing shot, where you hold a pencil in her hand and electronic.

Robot “I-Da” Ai-Da in the final stages of construction by the engineers in the company, ” Cornwall”, who revealed that the name of the Ai-Da back to the name of the mathematician of the British and leader in the field of computer Ada Lovelace Ada Lovelace.

On the details of the life of Android, the painter, says Miller responsible for the making of her: “she is an artist and robot is very realistic, I aspire not differ performed on the performance of the counterparts of human beings. Will i-da, though, we hope to design a special technology to help her on the drawing”.

The making of “AY-da” carefully by the specialists, even the hair of her eyebrows, interested, and cameras in all of the eyeballs on the human characteristics, i.e., they will continue with the work and perhaps followed them, you lose and cover her mouth as humans do.

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