Back to school: which Android smartphone to choose?

Important for parents to consider is the question of what age possible to allow the child to use the smartphone. Of course, this is one of those questions that there is no single answer as it depends on many factors. The smartphone has a considerable advantage, making them useful for children — it is about educational apps and games to greatly help young users of smart devices to learn and develop their skills.

It is not surprising that before the new school year, many teenagers want to get a new smartphone. The problem is that children (and adults) are often careful handling of equipment: often moms and dads bring your child’s device to the service center with a broken screen or signs of water ingress. Because students are constantly in motion, playing and acting up — so that the phone can fall out of pockets very easily. Not to mention the fact that the smartphone a sit down due to carelessness, leaving it in the back pocket of jeans.

Therefore, the arguments in the style of “mom, I want an iPhone” it’s better to ignore and look to the smartphones that don’t cost 30-40 thousand rubles, but it can boast of flagship performance.

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What smartphone to buy in school

The ideal phone for a child should not cost more than 10 thousand rubles (for the above reasons). But some sonambulo “Chinese” to buy is also not desirable — there is a risk that the device will be bad, and it will have to change after a few months. As they say, avaricious pays twice. So you can pay attention to stores that allow you to buy quality refurbished smartphone a brand for little money. The same Sony Xperia XA1 will cost 5,500 rubles: it is the result of the efforts of the tandem Helio P20 and 3 GB of RAM which is visible on a 5-inch HD display. At the same time, the battery capacity is 2300 mAh. Quite a enough for education, and for divisions.

Phone with cool camera

If you need a smartphone with a good camera, it will already be a little more expensive. For example, SmartPrice is possible to buy the Sony Xperia XZS in excellent condition cheaper than 13 000. This is the younger brother of the Xperia XZ Premium — a more compact smartphone with a 5.2-inch IPS LCD Full HD display. Among its key features can be noted is protected by standard IP68 enclosure, 19-megapixel main 1/2.3″ the camera, and Snapdragon 820 4GB of RAM. This will be enough not only for educational purposes, but also for the game enough, not to mention the fact that the smartphone can shoot video with a frame rate of 960 per second.

Sony Xperia XZS

Smartphone Android games

Contrary to popular misconception, you can play not only on the phone for 30-40 thousand rubles. For this purpose you can use the device like Huawei Nova LITE. Here are 16 GB of internal memory and 2 GB of RAM — the top shooters may not go away, but the middle of the game — easily. Moreover, you can buy it in just over 5 500 rubles. And this despite the fact that the smartphone has a fingerprint scanner and a good camera of 13 MP.

A little more expensive to buy LG G6. LG still has a greater significance on the world stage than a little-known Chinese company, and its flagship of higher quality. This smartphone interesting non-standard aspect ratio of 2:1, slim framework, here, stylish design in black color, the device looks brutal. Here is a good camera that is able to compete with the cameras of other flagships, its shell.


LG G6 runs on Snapdragon 821. Its characteristics do not differ from Pixel (so you can play without problems), but it offers modern design, double chamber and protected from moisture.

Assistant for every day

If a child had not been a neat relationship to technology, and limited budget, is to pay attention to the Honor 8. The device boasts a 5.2-inch display with a resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels, 12-megapixel camera, 4 GB of RAM with a Kirin 950 chipset, and battery 3000 mAh. The vast majority of cases, buyers of the device remain pleased with it, which removes a nice balance of price and quality: still, it is a phone only 7 000 roubles.

Is this the device from the category of “every day”. Install 5 messenger and chat all day? Easily. Download apps for learning languages? Please. The more Honor is known for its attention to optimization of the hardware, so that the good games from Google Play is also expect.

PUBG on the smartphone Honor

How to choose your child a smartphone

To be certain not to miscalculate the choice, we would advise you to go to the site SmartPrice.ruwhere there are many Android smartphones from trusted brands at competitive prices. There you can pick up the device for any purpose and budget. Say that smartphones can have a negative impact on interpersonal relationships, but you’ve got to remember that the most important question is not about the use of the smartphone as such, but about the restrictions that parents impose on their child’s phone. Especially in our time without a smartphone anywhere — whether you’re 10 or 55 years.

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