Backup the content of WhatsApp on the Google Drive is now free


It was the application WhatsApp allows users a while ago to save a backup copy of all their conversations and their pictures and videos on their Google Drive. He is using some space on the cloud, but all users received today e-mails stating that a package backup will not be accounted for within the share of storage available, which means that you can store all the data for free.

Google sent the message, indicating that the change is due to the signing of a new agreement with WhatsApp. This change has become a topic of development today, but it may take some time before this change for all users in all around the world. This change will be available to everyone by November 12.

However, it will not be to store all backups. The company said Google that will automatically remove any packages older than a year, this means that if you have a backup copy but you didn’t have to get her back, it will be deleted. To avoid any data loss, you should do it manually via the settings app and move to the option of talks ” Chats ” where you can control what and when it will be saved automatically.



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