Bad fork: the Creator of Bitcoin Private accused of premine

Today the Creator of the Private Bitcoin Rhett Creighton came under a wave of charges related to preminum coins. The conflict began immediately after the publication of the study Coinmetrics. Intelligence service found out that at the stage of creating the cryptocurrency produced 2.04 million BTCP that the secret was kept in the wallets of Creighton.

Another Scam or just a misunderstanding?

Recall BTCP came to light as a result, the hard forks of Bitcoin, the project is based on two blockchains — in fact, the Bitcoin and ZClassic. According to analysts Coinmetrics, about two million coins BTCP didn’t know including the developers of other cryptocurrencies. All this time the coins were stored in a “protected pool”.

BTCP 300 000 were displaced from protected pool on the exchange.

It is noteworthy that this is not just an ordinary PreMain. These coins are not considered in the General circulation Bitcoin Private. In other words, the total number of coins cryptocurrency “magical” way, increased from 20.4 to 22.6 million BTCP.

Reply Rhett Creighton did not answer to wait. One of the most commented on post Coinmetrics on Twitter. According to him, he allegedly thought Bitcoin Private suffered from “latent inflationary attack.” Some time later, Creighton deleted the tweet.

One of the main developers Jake Brutman suggested that Creighton himself initiated the withdrawal of 300,000 BTCP with protected pool.

As far as I know, this bounty created by Rhett when he was a lead developer of the project.

Source: Bitcoinist

In the end, Creighton has rejected all charges in the party.

I was not involved in the development of Bitcoin Private for many months. I have no information about those who might commit an attack on the cryptocurrency.

The market value of Private Bitcoin fell by almost 30 percent after posting Coinmetrics. Tonight, the coin was trading at 2 dollars. In order not to fall into the trap of such scammers, be sure to listen to the wise counsel from our cryptodata.


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