Baikal Giant N died before the start of sales. Why buy asika is not the best idea

Yesterday we talked about the first miner on the algorithm CryptoNight. Baikal Giant N shall be provided with 20 kH/s when consuming 60 watts and promises to replace 10 AMD Vega. The profitability of the device while mining Monero during the month will be almost $ 600. Sounds appealing, but there are problems.

What’s wrong with the new miners Baikal

Baikal N Giant will really be able to get Monero, but it will last long. For proof, remember the February post team that clearly expressed its position. Employees are opposed to the availability of ASIC miners in the network.

Moreover, the team wants to relieve producers from even thinking about creating such devices. This will hold the forks with a small modification of the algorithm on the schedule two times a year.

Upcoming changes planned for March. In theory, the miner Baikal may stop mine Monero tomorrow.

By the way, the representatives of the Creator Asimov realized his miscalculation. Compare the two images. The first picture is from the official website.

And here is a picture from his Facebook page. Look for the difference.

In the end lose the main coin of the algorithm. Pulled her the rest? Possible. According to preliminary rumors, this trick will put team coins IPBC.

The Prospects Of Baikal Giant N

The number of available coins falling, and the number of miners stays the same. What will happen? Rates of other currencies will decrease more than it should have — and that directly impact on the profitability of mining.

In this case, the return of asik will last for a few more months. Do not forget the possible failure or other unpleasant situations. Judging by the reviews on Facebook, they sometimes happen.

Perhaps it is better to make a choice in favor of the traditional graphics cards. With them will need to mine coins and don’t be afraid of the possible risks. If you’re going to mine cryptocurrency, do it together with us on mining-pool 2Miners. We have fair payouts and new design.

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