Ban cryptocurrencies Libra will be a disaster for the United States. Why?

The fears of Americans about the trade war with China can benefit from Facebook. The top management of the company headed by mark Zuckerberg is positioning its cryptoprocta Libra as an alternative to the “Chinese influence” in the sphere of digital assets. Representatives of Facebook said that the ban is Libra the US government will go to the Chinese for good, because they allegedly seized power in the new industry.

Libra — the salvation for the United States of America

The theme of a trade war between the two countries was actively discussed during the hearings in the case of Libra in the U.S. Congress. The head unit Calibra David Marcus made a remark on this issue during his report to a Committee of the U.S. house of representatives financial services.

I believe that if America will not become the leading country in the field of digital asset and payments, other countries will definitely get the championship. Now if we act incorrectly, in the future digital currency will be controlled by those whose interests may differ dramatically from our own.

Marcus believes that in 10-15 years, the blockchain will be one of the most common technologies in the world. That is why Congress should turn its attention to innovation in the field of Finance. The launch of Libra is inevitable, and the popularity of digital assets will grow in the world, even if they are completely banned in the United States.

And it’s not just cryptocurrency. In April, mark Zuckerberg in an interview with Recode, said that Chinese companies will occupy the niche in which the activities of American business was deliberately reduced by the government of the United States. “The machinations of the Chinese people” will harm the national interests of America as a government of the PRC shares a very different view on the situation in the world.

Indeed, the Chinese do not respect and do not try to create the appearance of respect for individual freedom and privacy. Pressure politicians on Facebook can lead to the growing popularity of Chinese apps like WeChat in the world.

While it is not clear what role in the dispute between Facebook and a Congress destined to Bitcoin. Perhaps the representatives of the company did start to escalate the negativity surrounding BTC as a “new digital currency of China.” Note that most of Hasrat network Bitcoin is based in China.

The situation was commented by Mikhail Korolev, the Creator of 2Биткоина. Further in the text — his remark.

“Whatever happened to the Libra is on hand throughout cryptologist. Against this backdrop, trump wrote on Twitter about Bitcoin, and in the U.S. Congress at hearings on the legality of the project Facebook heard the word “shidoin”. Not recognized is that the cryptocurrency industry? Is this not a sign of the full membership of coins in the life of the world’s population? In good or bad context, talk about them — not so important.”

“Crypto currencies have received a huge surge of popularity due to the Libres. Maybe someday we’ll call Satoshi father-founder, and Zuckerberg’s chief Evangelist to promote cryptocurrency to the masses?

Particularly interesting is the position of Zuckerberg at the hearing, after his team presents Bitcoin as an existing and functioning economic system, which can influence and affect the US economy. And most importantly, Bitcoin is helping China to avoid the bulk of the economic sanctions that the US is trying to enter in the economic struggle with China.

Zuckerberg and his staff have made it clear to the US Congress that Bitcoin is controlled by China, so the US needs an alternative to their own cryptocurrency — Libres. By the way, it looks like representatives of the largest Chinese pools, which in fact play a key role in the life of Bitcoin”.

“If the US government does not accept that China will continue to develop and Bitcoin will create an alternative global economy based on it, in the US, it simply has no place. And most importantly — America will lose all the economic strings that they can pull, printing its green paper”.

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