Bank JPMorgan Chase is working on launching its own e-

بنك JPMorgan Chase يعمل على إطلاق عملته الإلكترونية الخاصة

In the last reports on the fight Bank of America, the largest in the sea of e-currency report network CNBC about the resolve of the Bank of JPMorgan Chase issuance of process by E-under the name of JPM Coin, and connect them in the currency of dollar to ensure the immutability of its market value due to the strength of the dollar in the stock market world.

This expansion of the bank otherwise stated by the Director, its CEO Jamie Dimon beforehand so through the indifference of its currency electronic as they described shit, but it seems that his opinion did not stand an obstacle to the company that see the implementation of this service to its customers and facilitate in the conduct of their banking with providing of time.

Where the bank believes in the work of the electronic substitute for the bank transfers a digital routine which takes in some cases several days to complete, and stop playing the corporate tech giant an important role in this area through the transfer of funds to their employees through the process of JPM electronic bank payment to this approach also.

It is expected to show a JPM Coin in small quantities in the beginning in the next few months until the police made their selections we have, which may mean that all may be the cost of the work available to the public or they will not launch never and all this is due to the results of tests that create by the company.

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