Banker Neil Kashari: Bitcoin because of Scam has become a farce

In mid-April, Nobel laureate in Economics Robert Shiller criticized Bitcoin, calling it a bubble that will soon burst. However cryptocracy works “enough smart people” that it would continue to exist and develop, he added. President of the Federal reserve Bank of Minneapolis Neil Kashkari, said that criptural not worth anything. Due to fraud and lack of regulation she allegedly turned into chaos. His words leads CCN.

What’s going on with Bitcoin the opinion of American officials

Hardest Kashkari worried about the large number of scams that try to steal investors ‘ money in the cryptocurrency.

Digital money is a great idea suggested by really smart people. But now the industry has turned into chaos. First and foremost, this is due to the zero threshold of entry, attackers can create a product from nothing.

The fraudulent success of projects depends on the talent of the beliefs of their creators. Attackers can persuade a huge number of people to invest in the air — and it’s really a big problem, responsible Kashkari.

The digital money has become a farce. I often hear big words and attempts to steal the money than something really useful. I don’t see Bitcoin as a competitor to the dollar.

As the newspaper notes, Kashkari is among cryptonatica who appreciate the potential of blockchain technology, but don’t believe in digital money.

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