Batteries phones iPhone 2019 next – larger capacity and ship faster!

In less than a month will unveil phones iPhone three new for the year 2019 only to the site DigiTimes news Korean excluded events for some of the more exciting trends, especially about the batteries of those phones ahead.

بطاريات هواتف آيفون 2019 القادمة - سعة أكبر وشحن أسرع!

Batteries phones iPhone 2019 next – larger capacity and ship faster!

Decide site DigiTimes reported that the capacity of the battery for the iPhone 2019 will be as follows: 3200 Milli-amp of the new version of the iPhone XS, and 3500 Milli-amp of the new version of the iPhone XS Max, while will be the iPhone battery XR new with a capacity of 3000 Milli-amp.

Compared to phones iPhone to 2018 the increase in the battery capacity is estimated to be around 20% for the iPhone XS new, and 10% for the iPhone XS Max new, while you will remain iPhone battery XR on the case almost an increase of 2%, perhaps because its battery is already longer than any iPhone to date.

Other than the battery information, confirmed the report of DigiTimes, some previous leaks about the iPhone 2019:

  • No change in screen size while maintaining the sheet and remove the 3D technology Touch
  • Processor A13 by Treatment 7 nm
  • Wireless charging technology reverse
  • Camera three in new versions of the iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max (second camera to widen the angle of convergence)
  • The new version of the iPhone XR will be carrying a camera binary.
  • Versions dual SIM Dual SIM from the iPhone will remain exclusive to the Chinese market.
  • Some states will get the phones to iPhone, with the entrance to the slide of the traditional next to the electronic chip eSIM ROM to the phone.

On the other hand, reported a website ChargerLAB phones and the iPhone, three for 2019 will come USB charger-C for twice the current speed, citing a source inside Apple, he claimed.

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