Battery capacity iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro up to 3,969 mAh and RAM capacity of 4 GB

As we already know, the iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro iPhone 11 Pro Max new the battery life is improved, and which provide users more time to move between applications and video playback. Despite that, you didn’t mention Apple anything technical about the capacity of the batteries.

Today, reveal new documents of the implementation agency of the Chinese TENAA about the exact specifications of the batteries that iPhone New.

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According to that document, contains iPhone 11 on card $ 3, and 110 mAh, compared to battery 2,942 mAh for iPhone XR basic in the past year. Used iPhone 11 Pro battery 3,046 mAh, while the iPhone XS regular has a battery 2,658 mAh only. Finally, features iPhone 11 Pro Max internal battery the biggest is that of $ 3,969 mAh, an increase of 3, 174 mAh on the iPhone XS Max – total capacity larger by about 20%.

بطارية iPhone 11 وiPhone 11 Pro

For everyday use, Apple states that the iPhone 11 lasts one hour longer than the iPhone XR, which is approximately 17 hours of video playback. The time use iPhone 11 Pro Faisal to 18 hours, the iPhone 11 Pro Max up to 20 hours in the same conditions.

بطارية iPhone 11 وiPhone 11 Pro

Since Apple is now targeting models expensive for professional users, it makes sense to use larger batteries in a selection Pro. In the past year, Miss iPhone XR on each of the iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max in battery life.

Confirm these documents also all models of iPhone 11 contains a random access memory RAM capacity of 4 GB and not 6 GB, as reported by some previous reports of before. While the new iPhones will be released officially on Friday, it will be we have no doubt more information on the internal specifications.

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