Battery Lenovo Z5 will last for more than a month until the implementation of the

During the last two weeks Lenovo has begun we long for dreams Z5 on the lips of Vice-President Zhang Cheng, issuing etch-a-sketch confirms that he would come screen have actually increased by almost 100%.

A few days later, he confirmed Zhang’s publications through the web site to the Lenovo Z5 will come with a storage capacity of 4 TB!

Today, Wednesday, stated Zhang in a publication on the web of Chinese social to card Lenovo Z5 will pay 45 days in standby mode on a single charge!

There is no official information about the battery capacity, but it’s hard to jump from the capacity of the battery currently available in the market, so we can conjecture that the amplitude will be large with no tension, where there will be substantial amendments in the software coupled with the use of techniques of machine learning.

How phone fantasy, it deserves to reveal it little by little until we use it, is there any suspense to the last will be about the Lenovo in the next few days?! Be on the watch with us.

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