Battery Onur Magic 2 technology is the first of its kind – you know them

It seems that Onur Magic 2 phone will be interesting, after the disclosure in part previously in the electronics Berlin 2018 when we know that it will come with a screen without limbs with camera pop-up and support for fast capability 40 watts on behalf of the Magic Charge, said Xiong Junmin, deputy chairman Onur, coming with new material graphene, in addition to other surprises at all.

Is graphene a material of the miraculous that have been discovered recently, which is what Huawei announced previously used in research and development for batteries and stronger, where you will be able to work normally even temperature 60 ° C, compared to the degree 50 Celsius, only a maximum of currently, in addition to doubling the operating life of traditional.

Honor Magic 2

Showed tests on that card and Huawei that uses graphene in some of its components can work efficiently 70% of its capacity after 2000 full charge cycles at a temperature of 60 ° C, which comes in support of honor the Magic 2, to provide fast charging capability 40 watts, similar to assess the VOOC of Oppo, so I would have made use of graphene battery for reduced temperature during shipping.

Also likely to Onur by using graphene in the cooling system the phone itself, especially after we saw the cooling system water through the copper tube in Boca iPhone F1 of Shao, and the cooling system water to carbon in the Galaxy Note 9 Samsung.

In Honor Magic 2, it is likely that the addition of graphene to the cooling system in order to lower the temperature when you do a lot of demanding tasks like games, particularly that water is the best in terms of cooling efficiency, in addition to being cheaper and thinner.

This is regardless of the use of any methods in the integration of graphene material Power Magic 2, be sure that it will be a big improvement in cooling efficiency.

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