Battle of the displays: screen Galaxy Note 10 is better than the iPhone XS Max

Flagship smartphone Samsung Galaxy Note 9 has been just recently introduced in August, but the Network already has information about its successor model Galaxy Note 10. Its output is expected in 2019, and while he’s known under the code name “Da Vinci” and is ready to disappoint some users, lack of 3.5 mm headphone Jack. The smartphone continues to grow into rumors — the Korean edition of The Bell, revealed details about its display. It is supposed to be better than the iPhone XS Max.

It is reported that the display Samsung Galaxy Note 10 amount of 6.66 inches. It turns out that the screen of 2019 will be more than in all previous smartphones Galaxy S and Galaxy Note. He will even concede iPhone Max XS, is equipped with a 6.5-inch display.

Will the increased display size of smartphone case is unknown. If in 2019, the producers will continue to reduce the scope of the displays, increasing the body should not happen, or they will be minimal.

The release also recalled that after the scandal lights up, Samsung Galaxy Note 7 in 2016, the company increased the duration of development of new products. So, given the long and multi-level test batteries for safety, work on the devices is not 6 months and a year.

Throughout the process of developing specifications Galaxy Note 10 can vary. Insider information says that the final decision about the diagonal of the display will be made after approval of the exact specifications of the device.

It is noteworthy that the diagonal of the screen of the Galaxy Note 10 would record only among the smartphone lines, Galaxy S and Galaxy Note. In a short time the company may present foldable smartphone Galaxy X, the screen will be as big as tablets.

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