Battlefield V ray trace vs GeForce RTX. It’s very bad

Today the game is Battlefield V on PC got a patch that allows to activate the mode DXR RayTrace Reflections. This is the ray tracing, which at the hardware level only support Nvidia graphics cards of the new generation.

And now we have the opportunity to see how those same graphics card with this same trace handle it. I think the header you have understood everything. But here’s the tests.

According to the materials TechPowerUp

I will only comment on the results in 4K. At least because very few people will buy the new Nvidia for Full HD, although the reason really is. In General, if you look at the performance of graphics cards in Ultra 4K without ray tracing, it is all good. Although, of course, someone might start to cry about the lack of the coveted 60 fps on RTX 2070. But then it gets worse. Graphical settings DXR RayTrace Reflections there are four modes: Low, Medium, High and Ultra. Judging by the results, the last three little differ from each other, but Low really much less stress on the GPU. Since the Low in absentia is unlikely to suit owners of new products (although read on to the end), who gave them big money, look at other modes in General.

RTX 2080 Ti — the most top-end consumer gaming adapter on the planet. Very powerful, very expensive, very cool. When activated DXR RayTrace Reflections on Ultra it shows a pathetic 29. 29 fps!! I’m not saying that this decline is almost three times, is crazy in itself. This is probably the first game in over 10 years (Yes, after Crysis), which is able to bring to their knees any existing graphics card. Yes, only in 4K, Yes, but when you activate ray tracing, but it’s just a unique feature of these cards. And then failure. About RTX 2070 with its 18 fps, I just keep quiet.

It is possible here to add indicators Jora VRAM with ray tracing without it.

At least there are no problems, because even the RTX 2070 is 8 GB.

And now a more sober look.

  1. It should be noted that this is the first game with ray tracing and just today she support this tracing got. It is not excluded that broken reach, and it won’t be so terrible.
  2. Ray tracing is a method of image construction. And it can be used for different tasks. Result in Battlefield V, even if it will remain so, does not mean that in the same Metro Exodus, the situation will be similar.
  3. Given the results, I’m pretty sure that the rumors pointing to the lack of younger models RTX 2000 hardware support RayTracing, was correct. If RTX 2070 so merges, then what about the youngest?
  4. If ray tracing is so voracious in all games and modes, it is doubtful that we will actively implement.

We’ll also clarify specifically about Battlefield V. first, in this game, as the name implies, paragraph settings, ray tracing is used only for building reflections. Specialists source say that these places on the maps a bit, except for one. Despite this, the performance is reduced always and everywhere. The good point: the source notes that the visual difference between the levels of Low and Ultra, they never noticed. In Low mode at least you can even play on RTX 2070, even with a pathetic 28.

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