Be careful – more than 2,000 apps threaten your phone on the Google Play Store !

Revealed a recent study conducted by the University of Sydney in collaboration with a research body Australian to 2040 existing app on the Google Play Store pose a risk to many users.

أكثر من 2000 تطبيق يهددون هاتفك على متجر جوجل بلايMore than 2000 applications threaten your phone on Google Play Store

The search took approximately two years and included more than a million apps on the Google Play from the App important and renowned, and found a large number of applications counterfeit without the existence of malware, but these applications were requests authorization of access to data, nothing to do with it.

Some of these applications may be world famous and used by a large number of individuals like Hill Climb Racing or Temple Run.

Address all applications under study which number a million apps, the researchers used neural networks techniques, machine learning for the application of risk using specific algorithms, which revealed 49 thousand و608 potential danger.

Using VirusTotal, was identified 7246 application that is harmful, 2040 of which was the application of fake high-risk. Furthermore the research revealed that 1565 application request at least five permissions sensitive, WA, 1407 application has already written the ad external get this information.

Fortunately the app was removed and that revealed by the study already, commented the Google team that the proportion of applications that are rejected annually and reached 55% during last year, the proportion of applications concerned rose to 66%.

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