Be prepared for the coming of more phones and iPhone high-cost

iPhone XR

Even admirers of the Apple company will face severe pressure to defend the price of phones iPhone new, the price of the basic version has now reached $ 1000. With these prices, it has become extremely difficult to justify buying a new smartphone every year, but if you are hoping to lower prices this year, you might feel disappointed.

According to analysts in the institution of JP Morgan, has suggested that it is likely to see Apple raise the prices of iPhone future by up to 14 percent. This will be done to compensate for the tariffs that can be imposed by US President Donald Trump on products imported from China. Given that it will manufacture iPhones in the raid outside of the United States of America, may affect these tariffs on the company significantly.

In a note sent to clients, the stated Foundation JP Morgan said : ” We expect a price increase of about 14 percent to accommodate the impact of the tariff by 25 percent, while maintaining margin dollars for all elements in the supply chain “. It seems that the company also believes that rather than protecting consumers for the increase in tariffs, may seek Apple to carry a part of them herself. And, apparently, will Apple take this step because they prefer to risk losing a profit margin smaller than the loss of customers who may not appreciate paying an extra $ 140 USD to get the iPhone next.

In addition, likely to be Apple has realized that iPhone high-cost no sharing as it should be. Revealed recent reports that the iPhone XR cheapest shall be sealed to perform well in the market, which means that raise the price of phones iPhone of the future will not be in the best interest of the company in the long term. In both cases, we must wait and see what will happen in the end.

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