Bears are not a problem: crypto conferences continue to attract a capacity crowd

Most often, companies cut marketing budgets. When the office is empty, and there is still a lot of work, wise leaders always redistribute financial flows from advertising directly on effective work. PR and events fades into the background. However, despite massive layoffs throughout 2018, the sphere of cryptocephaline seems to be feeling OK.

Conference on cryptocurrency do not lose their relevance

According to cryptocladopelma firm TradeBlock, evangelists can’t settle down even on the background of a severe bear market. With the exception of December, the end of the year was the most active by number of events dedicated to the topic of Cryptoprotected. Only in November and December there were 53 and 52 events respectively. The same number was recorded, except that in may 2018.

Bitcoin conference in Prague, 2018. Source: Bitcoinist

Summer stir a little sleep, but in September everything is back to normal: in the first month of autumn had 39 conferences. Among them, the blockchain world forum in London and Dezentral in Berlin.

October and November were very eventful conferences on the topic of regulation of cryptocurrency. The long-awaited Blockchain Summit in Malta was attended by about 8.5 thousand delegates. In addition, Lisbon was the world’s largest technology conference Web Summit, which gathered an audience of 70 thousand people.

The enduring popularity of such events is very positive sign for the industry. Maybe the public loses interest in the phenomenon, but in this market strive to reach more and more investors. We must not forget that cryptocephalinae not cheap. Standard tickets for a popular event scale Consensus or Web Summit costs around $ 2,000.

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