Beautiful photo triple camera smartphone with the new Snapdragon


Before the New Year the audience will appreciate the new products. Among them is the smartphone from Lenovo with the new Snapdragon chipset from Qualcomm. Among the pleasant features of the product, in addition to its processor — not just pre-installed the latest Android operating system 9 Pie, but a triple camera. However, as shown in the Network of photos, describes not only the camera lenses and software, but also the possibility of a special chip new mobile platform is designed for image processing.

Official release of previously considered smartphone Lenovo Z5s will be held on 18 December 2018. Vice-President of the company Chang Chen (Chang Cheng) has posted examples of photos that takes a triple camera has not yet shown to the public news. Watermarks on the photos show that in the process of shooting was enabled isskusstvennoy intelligence, said Ro (Ro) on the resource page in the illustrated images in full resolution note.

Like photographing a triple camera Lenovo Z5s

Фото камерой Lenovo Z5s

Only Chinese social network Weibo was published three images, two of which were shot in portrait mode. It is interesting to note that all three photos originally made with full resolution. Simple calculations show that a full resolution 16-megapixel main camera innovations corresponds to 4608 x 3456 pixels.

Фото камерой Lenovo Z5s

In General, consider the photos have a very pleasant experience — the good and the sharpness and dynamic range and color.

Фото камерой Lenovo Z5s

Image allow users to form their first impression about the possibilities of image signal processor (ISP), which is equipped with the new chipset Snapdragon 678. After all, they Lenovo will complement your new smartphone.

To discuss the quality of shooting photos camera smart phone Lenovo Z5s readers can Telegram chat.

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