Became aware of a new problem MacBook Pro 2018

Dynamics of some instances of the MacBook Pro 2018 model year subject to the demonstration of unpleasant defect. About it on the support forum Apple, the owners of the affected devices. According to them, the problem is a crackling sound that speakers make, regardless of the usage scenarios and the tasks.

The defect described by the user affects all MacBook Pro 2018 regardless of the display size of the laptop and its configuration. In addition, if some crash occurs only when watching videos on YouTube, for others it occurs when listening to music from iTunes, while the third is heard only if the notebook is running Windows via Boot Camp.

Cracking speakers MacBook Pro

Analysis of the situation showed that with the crackling speaker has faced a fair amount of users. Only on the official Apple forum we managed to find at least four threads with more than a dozen confirming reviews. In addition, the problem described in the pages of Reddit and confirmed by the abundance of clips on YouTube.

A quiet sound from the speakers MacBook Pro

It is possible that the crack can only be one of at least two faces of the defect. According to the founder Mikhail Korolev, personal use which has a MacBook Pro 2018, he regularly faced with spontaneous decrease the speaker volume. The only way to fix was to reboot the laptop.

At the time, the problem of crackling speakers faced the owners of MacBook Pro 2016 model year. The crackling produced by the laptop, was so strong that in some cases, caused physical damage to the speakers. Then Apple acknowledged the existence of the defect, advising users of the affected instances to install a special driver.

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