Became known the price of the subscription on the Apple Arcade

Many have forgotten that in the spring Apple introduced the game Apple Arcade, the launch of which was scheduled for autumn. Then the company did not disclose any specific release date nor price, announcing only that the future service will operate by subscription, having which users will be able to play dozens of exclusive games with no restrictions. But now, when to release is only a few weeks, the Network appeared the first screenshots of the interface of Apple Arcade, and then the cost of the subscription.

What is an Apple Arcade

Apple Arcade is a streaming service that allows users unlimited access to dozens of exclusive games from renowned developers. In the Arcade games from the Apple there will be no advertising, no in-app purchases, and access to them will provide at a fixed price. That is what was lacking in the industry, because even $ 5, which Apple will ask for access to the service in the U.S. — more than adequately, given that all games will be cross-platform, but game progress will depend on the player, not from the thickness of his wallet.

According to 9To5Mac, in the US Apple Arcade will cost $ 4.99 per month. For the money provides the access service for all platforms except macOS. The desktop version of Apple Arcade, compatible with Mac, the assurances of Apple that appears a bit later. Obviously, the company just needed more time to adapt games under macOS.

Price Apple Arcade in Russia

Since Apple is used to adjust prices for its services under various country, starting from local features, there is every reason to believe that Russia Apple Arcade will cost much cheaper than in the States. For the first time the company did so in 2014 when launched in the domestic market of Apple Music. Then, Apple has taken a strategically correct decision, giving local users the opportunity to subscribe for only $ 169, while in the US subscription cost is nearly $ 10. Therefore, with Apple Arcade we’d made a bid for 79 rubles per month. What do you think? Answers in the comments or leave our Telegram chat.

Apple makes no sense to raise the subscription price for the Apple Arcade. The fact that the really avid gamers, ready to spend time playing for many hours, not so much, whereas for everyone else to pay for half an hour daily entertainment, for example, 10 dollars would be too expensive. And so, most of the users will agree to issue the ticket, not too worrying about the cost, even if they run Apple Arcade a few times a week.

What game Apple Arcade

A unique feature of Apple Arcade is expected a wide set of exclusive games. In Cupertino have figured out that users don’t want to subscribe on a platform that gives them access to the titles available in the App Store range. Therefore, the company has agreed with famous studios like Lego, Konami, Gameloft and Disney on the development of entirely new games, which to date have not appeared on any platform.

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