Because of the batteries of the Tesla one-third of the electricity went to the Australians for free

The Tesla Powerpack working too fast, so 30 to 40 percent of the electricity submitted to the Australian power grid with energy storage systems Powerpack, got the country for free. Due to the “speed flow” of electricity simply do not have time to take into account the local energy operator Australian Energy Market Operator — such interesting details shared by the representatives of the company with the Australian edition of the Sydney Morning Herald.

According to Australian standards, by a power failure or the occurrence of disruptions in its supply, the power company should resume the supply to the network not later than in five minutes. The standards are designed for generators running on fossil fuels — they need time to start working. While battery Powerpack “wind up” much faster, in just 200 milliseconds in responding to the emergency situation, and the energy in the batteries is maintained permanently and, if necessary, immediately is fed into the grid, so the Australian operator really just don’t have time to do all this tracking.

Last fall, Tesla is established in Australia, its system of electricity storage. As many regions of the country often have problems with electricity because of the shortages created by the company Tesla battery Powerpack proved very useful. If the generators stop working or be able to supply the required amount of electricity to compensate for the deficiency start battery Powerpack Tesla accumulated the excess energy.

About who will pay for unaccounted-for in the end, the electricity, the newspaper Sydney Morning Herald reported. Probably just debts written off — too beautiful is obtained.

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