Because of the “iPhone”.. Samsung to pay 539 million to buy Apple

US court ruled against Samsung 539 million ($9.5 million EGP) for Apple the Apple, because of the leadership of the first to penetrate the intellectual property rights of the latter, and some properties of the iPhone iPhone.

The ruling came as the last step in the journey of sharing my long between the two companies, started in 2011, when resorted to Apple to sue Samsung for Samsung for breakthrough patents invented, the court had ruled already by a fine of 1.05 billion dollars for Samsung’s last year, resorted to her lawyers to appeal the ruling.

Considered the court’s need to compensate Apple for violating Samsung’s three patents pertaining to the design of the iPhone, and tapped for two more of the innovation of Apple.

While the Samsung-branded the penalty amounts, stating that they must pay $ 28 million at the maximum as compensation for the Apple wearing the profits achieved by the components or features covered by the patents for their invention, the crossed Apple pleased its size calculated on the profits of the iPhone as a whole, which is the ability of Apple in its lawsuit 2.5 million.

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