Become aware of the options of smartphones Honor Honor 9X and 9X Pro

Кукишев Дмитрий

The smartphone line Honor X have become quite popular after the release of the model Honor 5X. A particularly successful model Honor 8X.

As I reported yesterday in the digest, these devices Huawei has already sold 15 million, which is quite a lot.

And here come the models Honor 9X. Must be two of them: Honor Honor 9X and 9X Pro. 9X will Honor Max, is unclear.

Data base TENAA now allow us to understand what it will be for smartphones, despite the fact that the announcement slated for July 23.

So, differences between 9X and Honor the Pro-version will be at least. Both smartphone will get a screen diagonal IPS 6.6 inch Full HD resolution. Dactyloscopy, apparently, will be located on the side face. Heart novelties will serve as a SoC Kirin 810, which, according to the first tests, it can compete even Snapdragon 730.

RAM will be from 4 to 8 GB flash memory — from 64 to 256 GB. The battery of the Junior model is 3900 mA·h, my eldest — 4000 mA·h. But it was the first certification data, in reality, probably both will be the same capacity.

Frontalka will be traveling to 16 MP. The main camera will have Honor 9X dual sensors 48 and 2 MP, the Honor 9X Pro — triple with extra 8 MP. There is no price, but given the Honor 8X at the start of sales, I think we will have about 7500-8000 UAH for a younger version, and about 9000 UAH — for the major.

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