Before it was announced officially … the diversion of official images of the phones Mate 30

Frequent leaks in recent months about the Huawei Mate 30 Pro, and now, we have a clear vision for the rest of the copies Mate 30 thanks to a leak of the journalist Evan Blass.

Deployment of Ivan across the Twitter group of photos monitor phones Mate 30 وMate 30 Pro leading, the issuance of the Porsche special of the Pro version, and even the phone of the economic middle class Mate 30 Lite.

First, the Mate 30 Pro, women’s large leading Huawei, as we see will feature four cameras background of the flash is large, walnut front will have several cameras, and refers to the possibility to support the recognition of three-dimensional on the face of the new.

Secondly, our Mate 30, which is the standard version of the flagship phone, the Note 4 camera background, it seems that accuracy will be about cameras Mate 30 Pro. The cameras front, it may support Face recognition but the dimensions of the binary only. Note that the reader insight in the two phones will be integrated to the network.

Thirdly, our Mate 30 Lite, although the category is expected to be an economic cost, will also come with four cameras background but expect less accuracy and different functions compared to phones of leading, it will be beneath the reader insight traditional. And ahead note that the camera alone.

Finally, we have a version of the Porsche special displays provide greater choice of RAM and storage for the Pro version, as well as additions lively design such as natural leather on the back, albeit uncertain appearance of the cell until the moment.

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Interesting that he shared the support networks of the fifth generation all phones Mate 30, even version Lite economic, though that doesn’t mean the user Bank too much, unlike the Gulf states that began to provide technical return.

Recall that the launch date of the series Mate 30 is Thursday 19 September, so keep an eye out for covering for her.

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