Before revealing the Galaxy S9.. Samsung retreat from the most prominent advantages expected

Maybe we already know thanks to leaks and a number of information about the Galaxy S9 associated with, including leaked images of the phone including also a number of advantages that you intend to Samsung believe sales of the smartphone market this year of their existence.

One of these advantages is a new feature that supports the use of the technique of Iris Scanning, which allows to identify the person through his eyes which is done by a sensor especially developed by Samsung’s earlier phones, and S8, facial recognition at the same time be the new technique is more accurate than any technology we’ve seen before that could make the Apple TV need to work a lot on Face ID for its rival.

It was one of the advantages expected in the Galaxy S9 next to put a fingerprint sensor under the screen, which is administered by the rumors a lot over the past months, but no Lipo that will happen in any form. Even with a technique such as masculinity, at the top a lot was going to the preferred use of the sensor footprint that we don’t know whether Samsung will put it in the same place or will not put the sensor footprint of the foundation.

It seems that Samsung did not succeed by working with partners to reach a solution to address the price, speed and accuracy when placing the sensor of the fingerprint under the screen of your phone, which is what the company has succeeded Vivo Chinese to be the first company-issued phone smart sensor fingerprint under the screen ready for the breasts in the markets.

And the problem of the technology company Synaptics is the lack of precision so it seems that Samsung does not want to put the technique is not accurate in any form, while the technique is more accurately from Qualcomm a technique ultras at a higher price than necessary, and also difficult to implement the required quantities of phones S9 plus it is slow in the time it takes to get to Insight.

It is expected to reveal the Samsung for the Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9 Plus at the twenty-fifth of February, during the Samsung at the MWC show 2018, which is held in Barcelona, Spain. Do we find this feature in Note 9 later this year not coming to the conference Samsung after days? Answer you just need to wait until we see.

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