Before the update to iOS 12

After Hours believe Apple final version for iOS for 12, which awaited since it was unveiled at the conference WWDC 18, the system comes with many advantages that we talked about in many articles previously and we’ll talk about it over the next few days. Prior to the update must be ready for it not to occur any problems you lose your data or other problems that reoccur each year during the update. So we decided to provide a guide to the user how to improve his device.

ما قبل التحديث إلى iOS 12

Important notes before the update

⏳ When issuance of the system maybe the servers of the apple of extreme pressure and loading speed may be very slow, so I prefer to wait if you encounter problems.

? We recommend to hold for several days to see the effect of this update on who did it and make sure that the problems and side effects this step is optional, since the current version already tested from the team of iPhone Islam and work well with us and without problems remember.

☠ If you are using jailbreak and do not want to loss loss its features and its applications do not update.

? Owners of iOS they can’t update the “Update” it should work Restor the system using iTunes, and when the issuance of the order will not appear in the settings that there is an update if it was Gilbert.

? Users who have installed version beta or the GM of iOS system 12 will be able to update normally.

Which devices support iOS 12

All the devices that got the iOS 11, iOS 10 can be upgraded to iOS 12 this is the hardware:

Ways to update

Can update for iOS 12 in two ways:

OTA: which is the update from within the device itself through the settings and results from this update is the loss of any data, this method requires no jailbreak in the device and also the empty space more than 2 GB, and free Wi-Fi for the update.

iTunes: works on the PC and make sure that you have the latest version, which offers you two options Restore, and Update:

  • Update: is the process of updating the device automatically without interference from you where does iTunes download the update file from the barrage site and update your device and losing any data ( it is assumed that, but you must take a backup as already stated, to ensure that no problems occur casual)
  • Restore: it is to download a new version just like you bought the phone from new, and the other when the update is compulsory if you have a jailbreak and want to update.

Get ready for the update:


A lot of Apps Store software the work update to support iOS 12 will continue these updates so be sure that every app you have updated so you do not encounter problems after the upgrade.


Make sure you download the latest version of iTunes and the current download version of number 12.9. You can visit the Apple website and download the latest version through this link. Recommend that you download the latest version 12.9 because the Apple released days ago any is fully compatible with iOS 12 as it is supposed to. If Apple released a newer version so I downloaded.


Take a backup of the system whether to update or work Restor not to lose any data. Preferably using iTunes as a means of backup rather than the cloud because some users will be space for several GB and you need to hours download internet.

device itunes backup


Make sure there is storage space adequate in your device normally ask Apple a distance of up to 2 GB or more.


If you don’t prefer iTunes, you can backup via the Cloud iCloud, but remember that it takes time depends on your internet speed.

What are the most important features of iOS 12

You will certainly go over with you in articles to come the nurses to make sure to master the arts of iOS 12, but you can go back to these articles to learn more:

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An update the evening of the day on these dates

Now after update the app and take backup, you’re ready to update the system, wait for its release and will offer you a comprehensive guide and detailed process of the update as soon as the Apple ad for the offer.

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