Began testing the most effective engine for elektrozapalom

Electric vehicles are already far not new. And if electric cars like the Tesla still not as frequent guests on the streets of our cities, here electric motorcycles, bicycles, and scooters gyrometer can be found almost everywhere. Do not bypass this “electrification” and the more serious side of the vehicle and there is no doubt that very soon electroanalyt will be as commonplace as their “normal” pack. Moreover, a group of Australian researchers recently began testing the most efficient electric motor for the aircraft.

The new engine was developed through the efforts of Magnix and is intended primarily for light aircraft. Its weight is 110 pounds (approximately 50 kilograms) and has a capacity of 350 horsepower. But most interesting is the recognition of one of the authors of the paper and Director of the company Magnix Roy Gancarski, quite different.

“We were able to achieve the target of 5 kilowatts per kilogram. For example, in the electric vehicle, this balance is less important. In the worst case, a few extra pounds will add a little time to acceleration from 0 to 60 miles per hour. But in the plane fight with gravity requires low weight combined with high power. If the aircraft does not have the required ratio of power to weight, it simply will not fly.”

To implement the idea of engineers Magnix had to design and integrate a liquid cooling system oil-based to get rid of excess heat. It was called oil-based liquid system.

“We have not invented any new materials, but only combination that you can apply in this situation and that may provide us optimum ratio of power and weight.”

At the moment Australian experts want to test on the stand for 1000 hours of continuous operation, changing the number of revolutions of the engine and some other indicators. It is planned to start with 100 rpm, gradually increasing this figure to 500 rpm. Then scheduled a stress test and fully test the motor on a light aircraft will take place next year.

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