Belgian scientists smiling robotic hand 3D to translate the words for the deaf in minutes


Developed by a group of Belgian scientists, two robotic hands can translate words into gestures, sign language for the deaf, which they called Project Aslan, as the price of these hand developed using three-dimensional printing £ 400 ($560) .

According to the “Daily Mail” the British, the device connects by a kind of Sign Language, bears the name offingerspelling or spelling of the fingers, as is the spelling of the words through gestures separate.

اليد الروبوتية
Robotic hand

Scientists say the robotic hand that will be ready in five years, can help nearly 70 million people worldwide who are deaf or hard time communicating with people who don’t know sign language.

Even now, the smile team developed a prototype one works by connecting to a computer, users can send text messages or voice through a local network, and then starts to spell the message by using the system and, where it is the clarification of each character through gesture separate, and teach gestures using a special glove.

تصميم اليدThe design of the hand

The team said the Belgian developer of this robot hand, the ultimate goal is to create a robot with expressive face convey the full complexity of the language.

The researchers explained that it can be used scientists at the University of Antwerp this robotic hand to help people learn sign language.

Said Team Leader and expert on Robotics at the University of Antwerp Erwin SMIT: “this will change the lives of the deaf community, what we’ve seen in real situations, is that there is a gap and barrier between the deaf community and the real world – this robot can reduce this case, the number of hours of assistance that the community can led to get it through the translators already limited.

Added named: “I see Aslan as something to be put in backpacks for the deaf, so that they can carry with them to lectures and to any place”.

And the idea of the replacement translators are humans fully as much as to make interpretation easier.

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