Believe it or not| artificial sun by human hands on planet Earth

In the city of jülich, West Germany, the largest artificial sun in the world, exceeding the temperature generated by 3,316 degrees Celsius, and the pressure resulting from more density and intensity of the sun’s natural light by about 10 thousand times. What scientists use these artificial sun that the cost of its establishment 3.7 million dollars?!

Scientists built the biggest artificial sun in the world, which is known as the”site” Synlight, to assist in the development of hydrogen fuel environmentally friendly, which operate aircraft and spacecraft, among the purposes of the research and industrial other.

The artificial sun over 149 spotlights Xenon Xenon strong to produce massive amounts of heat and pressure, which produces water vapor which is divided into hydrogen and oxygen, where the hydrogen can be used the editor to supply the aircraft and automotive energy free of carbon dioxide emissions.

Consuming artificial sun “set” Synlight a great deal of electrical power, come in only 4 hours what consumes a house inhabited by 4 people in the whole year, and are an effective way to use sunlight to turn the hydrogen on an industrial scale.

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