Believe it or not| discovery of a new member in the human body

Discover a team of American scientists have a new member was not known before in the human body, it is called the interstitial tissue interstitum, has become the scientists they describe scientifically the largest organ in the human body.

And interstitial tissue, which was considered previously that merely connective tissue, the space is filled with a liquid are found in all parts of the body, from the skin to the blank between the member and around the blood vessels and muscles.

And the nature of the fluid in the interstitial tissue, scientists say that liquid is rich in protein, surrounded by collagen bundles, and in the lymphatic system, which is a network that carry white blood cells that eliminate the infection pathogenesis.

And scientists on their discovery that explains the mechanism of spread of cancer cells from one part to another in the body, and understand the new member can help to get rid of disease better.

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