Believe it or not| disease that affects women and prevents them from hearing the voices of the men!

I woke up a Chinese lady of sleep to be surprised by their inability to hear the voice of men! Someone doctors the case of Mr. as a rare that affects the ear, completely prevents to hear the voice of men.

According to the news, the car suffered from tinnitus in the ear the desire of severe vomiting, I was surprised not to their ability to hear the voice of her boyfriend, to be surprised by in the hospital, their ability to hear the sound of her own kind only, has been approved by the doctors suffering from the disease of hearing loss the type of slope reverse reverse-slope hearing loss.

According to doctors, the disease prevents hearing sounds low-pitched or soil, which are usually caused by problems in blood vessels or trauma to or disorders of autoimmunity, which may result to permanent loss of hearing unless detected and treated early, which is preferably in the first 48 hours of infection.

Doctors believe that young Chinese may know the intense stress from work late, has caused loss to consider being infected with this offer patients rare.

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