Believe it or not| hard yours from Amazon with an area of 100 million GB!

Become data Data is the raw material for the highest price and most value in the information age in which we live, this data, including user data, for example, generate billions of dollars for technical and advertising companies, so these companies need space storage giant to save this data.

Among the most famous companies in the data collection, the company “Digital Globe” DigitalGlobe, which describes itself as”the world leader in providing high resolution images of the Earth”, these images and data rely on apps like “Google Maps” Google Maps and”Google Earth” Google Earth and Apple Maps Apple Maps, as well as global positioning systems, GPS, access to the US military itself!

Every day, the pool of “Digital Globe” DigitalGlobe, via its satellites, imagery and data for nearly two million square miles of the Earth’s land surface, and as the size of the data you upload one image to the 30 GB of information, and size information of the “Digital Globe” today to 100 petabytes, which is 100 million GB, equivalent to a distance of 1.5 million cars de CD!

Frozen “digital globe” each year 10 petabytes of data (10 million gigabytes), thus facing a “Digital Globe” the problem of providing storage space to their data, and transfer this data to their customers, and can solve it only with the lifting of that big data to the internet, through stored on cloud storage services Cloud Storage, so how can save storage space of this size on the internet?!

When it comes to talk about cloud storage services, and suggest the name Amazon itself strongly, Amazon today possesses the largest cloud services in the world, which is used by data companies and other giant like Netflix Netflix.

In order to provide that the sheer volume of storage capacity, developed Amazon vehicle storage space enormous “Europe” Snowmobile, a shipping container, a length of 14 metres, water resistance, and temperature, with a permanent system for video surveillance around the clock, in addition to an accurate system warning, system to encrypt the data, the group is responsible for the high level control of the truck and follow them.

The function of truck Amazon “snowmobile” Snowmobile is moving to the client site to capture all the data, as storage containers of Petroleum, where you connect the client to store and transfer data at up to 1 Tbps (1000 Gbps).

Truck store the data “Europe” Snowmobile with a storage capacity of 100 petabytes (100 million gigabytes), which is available to transfer customer data to Amazon Web Services Amazon Web Services in Seattle, to transfer this data to the cloud, the Cloud, and it can thus be said that the Amazon is the first to invent Hardy your expectations with an area of 100 million GB!

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