Believe it or not| Japan will make the field of the Olympic Games and the 2020 waste from phones and electronics

The commission announced the Japanese, the organization of the Olympic Games and Paralympic Games for 2020, announced its intention of making the medals the athletes from waste phones and electronics recycled.

The organizing committee said it has received huge levels of support from the public and businesses throughout Japan, as well as athletes, national and International, which led to the leadership of the local authorities collected more than 47 thousand tons of e-waste.

This figure includes more than 5 million telephone is not used in the risk of NTT Docomo, has also been put assembly plants also in post offices and other public buildings, has gathered the committee already 2.7 tons of bronze, as it is targeted, in June last, to the collection side of 94% of the targeted amount of gold (target 30.3 kg), 85.4% of the silver target (4100 kg), by last October.

The commission of Tokyo 2020 as trust in the collected material is adequate to achieve its objective, according to all indicators, they will be about the design of the medals for the Olympic and Paralympic Games this summer.

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