Believe it or not| memory card SD with a capacity of 1 terabyte is now available for sale in the markets!

Although the company SanDisk, the American multinational world renowned in the industry and the development of memory flash Flash Memory, already beautiful in its development of memory card SD Card with a capacity of 1 TB, but she hasn’t been fired mid-after in the markets!

On the same side, succeeded the company “Lex” Lexar, American, specialized in the manufacture of memory cards and flash storage, to transfer the title of the first company in the World introduces memory card SD Card with a capacity of 1 TB, and now for sale at a price of almost $ 500 (about 9 thousand Egyptian pounds).

According to the data available on the product, on the official website of the company “Lex” Lexar, memory card 633x SDHC/SDXC UHS-I works at the rate of approximately 95 MB/s and write 70 MB/s.

It is worth mentioning that SanDisk has announced a prototype for a flash storage space of 4 TB, during its participation at the Consumer Electronics Show CES, held in Las Vegas, from 8 to 11 January.

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