Believe it or not| sale paper line “Steve Jobs,” be a thousand dollars!

Ended the auction held by the house RR auction in Boston, in the period from 8 to 15 March, the sale of job application of which filled him with the founder of Apple “Steve Jobs” with his $ 174,757 $ (more than 3 billion Egyptian pounds).

The requested job to 1973, shortly after completing jobs for a semester at “reed College” Reed College, he enrolled in the fall of 1972, and through him the arts of the dance and English Literature.

And reveal the application the Company name or the nature of the job you apply to jobs, but his record in his own abilities as an engineer electronics and designing digital, skills with PC and calculators, as well as demand some spelling errors, such as an error contained in the name of Hewlett-Packard HP famous.

And this is the first time that are sold in souvenir jobs at auction, in October, was the sale of the magazine signed by jobs more than $ 50 thousand, as the sale contract holds the signature, dating back to 1978, the amount of 40 thousand dollars, and sold my Leather Jacket for $ 22,400 dollars.

In the last auction, held by the house RR auction, the sale technical Guide Operating System “Mac or OS X” Mac OS X carries the signature goes back to 2001, in the amount of $ 41,806$, also sold as a scrap of newspaper bearing his signature, back to 2008, the amount of $ 26,950 USD.

Recall that Steve Jobs got his first job a technician in 1974 as a Technician at Atari Corporation Atari, where he worked alongside Steve Wozniak, before thinking in the founding of Apple in 1976.

The sale of “CV” Steve Jobs by his hand in the auction

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