Believe it or not| stole from Japan virtual currency B million

In the theft is the largest in the incidents of theft of electronic currency, virtual world, hackers managed to steal $ 534 million of the virtual currency of the major Japanese companies in the exchange of digital currencies, known as the “choice” Coincheck.

The process became the speed confirmed on the lips of the company “choice” Coincheck itself, which was founded in 2012, is headquartered in Tokyo, which works out to 71 people, where they confirmed the occurrence of piracy on its network, captured the pirates, during which the funds are reserved in the “portfolio hot” Hot Wallet, it was part of the activity of currency exchange online, a wallet is the least secure of conservative cold Cold Wallet, which is stored the money out securely and off-line offline.

Select the hack in 5 and 57 minutes PM GMT Friday, but the company did not discover it only after 8 hours and a half, which is called the suspension of all deposit and withdrawal operations for all of the currencies transacted.

According to a press conference held by the “choice” Coincheck has been reported to the police the Japanese Financial Services Agency has told the company that it had reached to the voltage which has been transferred the stolen funds to them, and they still relate to her the hope restore, but it did not specify the identities of those involved in the process of hacking, and launched the attack from within Japan or from outside of it.

“Criterion”.. do you believe Russia process their e-soon?

Believe it or not| the foundation already Amazon Apple and Google in innovation technology and did not know about.

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