Believe it or not| the Greeks invented the computer in 205 BC

In 1901, the International scientific community on a date with the innovation of the archaeological stranger, was discovered in the remains of an ancient shipwreck off the island of antikythera in Greece, the north-west of the island of Crete.

The device consists of a mechanical mystery, which was found in 82 fragment severe corrosion rust sea water, 30 the deposition of bronze covered with carvings of Yunnan, has revealed the examination that lasted for tens of years that the device is the Archaeological Museum, which has become known as the mechanism of antikythera, the first computer in the world, designed to calculate the positions of celestial bodies and predict an Eclipse and to determine the dates of the Olympic Games.

In 2014, the publication of James Evans, a professor of Physics at the University of Puget Sound the American, with the participation of Christian Carmine, Professor of history of Science at the University of quilmes in Argentina, an article in the journal Archives of history of exact sciences, they confirmed that the timing of the antikythera mechanism has been adjusted to start of year 205 BC, i.e. the oldest more than a century of what scientists thought previously.

The researchers believe that the mechanism has been designed on the principles of arithmetic, Babylonian, adopted by the ancient Greeks, who also know the part, according to the researchers describe how the work of the antikythera mechanism, the front disc of the mechanism represents a measure of the two have the same center representing the movement of the constellations (12 Tower), and represents the outer loop in the mechanism months the Egyptian calendar (365 days) with the letters of the Greek, includes the rear face of the mechanism many of the straps which is considered as representing accurate dates Lunar Eclipse and a solar eclipse, while operating the mechanism through the management of the arm connects to the biggest draw on the disc front.

In a comprehensive study of the mechanism of the antikythera mechanism, in 2012, described by the researchers testify only on the missing history of the engineering genius of the pure, one of the wonders of the ancient world, which do not affect the value of its lack of precision-engineered mechanical systems, their sports, they are still the oldest mechanism is the most striking man-made.

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