Believe it or not| Vodafone makes 4G network on the moon!

Within a year from now, it will be moon network private connections, it supports 4G, if all goes as planned my company Vodafone Vodafone Nokia Nokia.

And Nokia’s launch of the equipment on-board network one of the missiles “SpaceX” SpaceX, in 2019, Station Cape Canaveral Air Force in Florida, United States of America, the task will be the first mission to land on the moon funded by the private sector.

Will My Network for exploration of lunar in space mission “Audi” Audi possibility of their compatibility with each other, as will be the signal of the fourth generation, provided by Vodafone, also able to broadcast high-definition video of the lunar surface.

Explores the vehicle of the moon as the home of the potential for a human, it will be the network of the fourth generation is the first step to create a communications infrastructure for the missions of the lunar in the future, as well as help to save the power consumption, being the signal transmitted through the more efficient of the radio wave current.

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