Believe it or not| you can charge your mobile phone via urine!

Confirming the news, which was published by the British Broadcasting Corporation BBC mid-July 2013, the success of scientists in the development of a method to charge mobile phones using urine!

Managed laboratory scientists of Bristol Robotics in obtaining electrical energy from urine, by passing a series of microbial fuel cells MFCs, where they were able to charge a mobile phone from Samsung Samsung.

Scientists said that their technology can be installed in the bathroom, after maximizing its usefulness and efficiency, to take advantage of the urine in the production of sufficient electricity for the shower and lighting include shavers, toothbrushes electrical and charging mobile phones.

Fuel cells microbial MFCs is the power adapter, converts organic matter directly into electricity through the metabolism or the metabolism carried out by microorganisms, which exploit the distinct life cycle of natural microbes, which thrive energy generated by the greater dealt with human waste such as urine.

According to the plan, the scientists of the Robotics lab, who collaborate through the University of the west of England and University of Bristol, tried to get funding for cooperation with partners in the United States of America, South Africa, for the development of Toilet smart as my job to invent them.

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