Belkin has introduced a new wireless charging for Apple devices

As you know, wireless charging AirPower from Apple until you can not wait, so other companies have the chance to gain a foothold in this niche. For example, how does the company Belkin, presented a new wireless charging for Apple’s gadgets.

New charging station Belkin Boostup Wireless Charging Dock allows you to simultaneously charge up to three Apple devices. The dock is divided into two halves: the left side provides a Lightning connector to place the iPhone and the right place for wireless charging Apple Watch. A bonus is the USB Type-A, which lets you charge a third device.

Power wireless charging (Qi) is 7.5 W. it Supports all compatible iPhone, including the new XS Max. Charging the Apple Watch is supplied 5V/1A and USB Type-A. docking station Itself is powered with 45W AC adapter.

Belkin has also updated the charging station PowerHouse. This model is more compact compared to Boostup Wireless Charging Dock is equipped with Lightning and wireless platform for Apple Watch.

The cost Boostup Wireless Charging Dock is $159.99, model PowerHouse – $99.99.

Source: The Verge

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