Belkin unveils modular wireless charging new #CES2018

This topic Belkin reveal the modular wireless charging new #CES2018 appeared on Engadget.

Produced Belkin many, many products this year especially the selection of chargers wireless, but the most prominent of these organizations is the Quick charger Wireless USB-C, which, obviously, it’s made specially for phones iPhone new, where Apple started recently to adopt the idea of the wireless charger to meet its iPhone X and iPhone 8 so it is expected to see a big wave of accessories that support techniques like this, and specifically chargers wireless.


Have used the Belkin modern technologies increase the speed of wireless charging and make it available in public places such as restaurants, hotels and the like. Will the company provide things and amazing possibilities other than a brilliant colors, the pace of this charger will be super and will come with a special holder to facilitate use and can also be used in your car and also you can charge two devices at the same time. Will charger Belkin speed 10 watt and this is enough to charge the phones Apple and Samsung. Expected in the market next summer and an unknown price so far.

Software company in the charger the two USB-C for the two Home Charger 27W home Charger 27W binary ports which adds a USB port-the A strongly 12 watt, they advocate the specification of the USB-C PD what makes them suitable for many devices such as Nintendo Switch and the possibility of fast charging iPhone X. and will be put up of these two products in the market in next summer.

Finally there is a charger pocket from the USB Type-C 10K with a capacity of 10,000 ml amp included USB-C port USB-A; will be issued in the autumn.


This topic Belkin reveal the modular wireless charging new #CES2018 appeared on Engadget.

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